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In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Clint Paddison presents a save-your-life plan, revealing how some simple dietary shifts can prevent 80% of the diseases we suffer from today. Through the process of overcoming near-impossible challenges with his own health, Clint’s discoveries about diet, humility, disease and lifestyle have not only restored his body from an ‘incurable’ disease, but are now being shared around the world helping people in over 30 countries.

You will learn how to:

  • Dramatically increase energy levels
  • Raise work productivity
  • Minimize days lost to sickness
  • Become heart-attack proof
  • Plummet cholesterol
  • Achieve optimum Blood Pressure
  • Shed kg’s of fat easily
  • Slow or halt autoimmune diseases

faster than you would think possible and whilst eating more!

‘The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it’ - Chinese Proverb

Clint’s Keynote presentation is ideal for an organisation wanting:

  • A remarkable story about courage, commitment and achieving an ‘impossible’ goal
  • Easy-to-Follow take home tools to restore vitality, energy and overall health
  • An inspiring and uplifting message for your team to fuel positive changes
  • An entertaining session founded on Clint’s 12-year stand-up career

If you’d like to learn how to ‘make every bite right’ and in the process save your life, save your planet and live life to the fullest then let Clint take you on his entertaining story that will inspire, challenge, make you laugh and provide life-changing tips that will help everyone maintain optimal health.

Clint Paddison Keynote – More Information

Clint Paddison Inspirational Keynote More Information PDF

Clint Paddison Inspirational Keynote More Information PDF




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