Princess Cruises and my Inspirational Keynote

WOW! Even though I have been performing on cruise ships for nearly 5 years, they are still a total hoot.

I was at least half the age of everyone on this ship. One guy said to me on the first day ‘YOU’RE the comedian?! You’re too young to be the comedian! Good luck tonight, the average age is going to be about 70!’ I said ‘How old are you?’ he said ’94!’

Fortunately, I know how to work the older groups and all three shows went over a treat.

I also did a guest lecture and delivered my Inspirational Keynote to a packed house of 550 people about how others have also used my Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment to overcome all sorts of chronic disease.

It’s amazing what we can all do to make dramatic improvements to our health, whatever cards we have been dealt. I drew attention to Barbara, a woman on board who is 72 and on no medications and in good health and how she follows the dietary protocol that I teach via my health programs – I’ve attached a pic of Barbara on this post 🙂

Looking forward to the next cruise ship – hope to see you on there some time (if you’re retired and looking for a great time!!)

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